Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Summer Weddings

We have all been in a deep freeze here in Canada for a number of weeks! The thought of summer soon approaching helps us to get through this cold winter.
Let's close our eyes and think of a hot summer day. Shoes off, bare foot walking in the park, running through a sprinkler and having a picnic. Aah. This thought gets me excited! I love summer!
This is truly the busiest time of year for weddings. Glorious sunny days for outside ceremonies, photos and receptions. Lush full colourful gardens, so many choices.
Choosing colours in the summer should bring the feeling of vibrant warmth and fun to your decor and flower selections. You have so many fun colours to choose from; orange, hot pink, lime green, metallic purples, Caribbean blues, teals and bright yellows just to name a few.
Many couples choose to have at home tent receptions. 95 percent of tent weddings are held at home. Tent receptions are a lot more work then renting a banquet hall. Many items need to rented such as chairs, tables, bars, portable washrooms, generators, lighting, heaters and the caterer. Try to hire a caterer that will bring in dishes, cutlery, glassware and their own kitchen supplies.
The positive things about tent weddings are the the outdoors and that you will have a blank slate to be as creative as you like. There is nothing prettier that an all white tent on a green lawn. The other positive thing is that you can choose your tables and chairs like Chivari's, white folding and ghost chairs. The same with tables, square, round, rectangular and so much more.
I personally think that if your tables are beautiful your event will be beautiful. Coloured tablecloths, napkins and chair covers (if needed) all add to the pop inside of a white tent.
Tall and multiple bright flower centerpieces help to fill a tent with colour and aroma. Hung fabric, Asian lanterns, chandeliers and flower balls can all add to the atmosphere of your event. Driveways lined with luminaries, bows in trees, decorated mailboxes, gates and front doors, flowers floating in ponds all add to the personal touch of an at home reception.
Weather can sometimes hold people back from having a tent wedding. Don't let this scare you, just make sure you use reputable companies who know what they are doing. Most of all preparation is key to a successful day! Until next week, enjoy. -Lynne

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Choosing Colours: Spring

Spring is one of my favourite seasons. When I think spring, I think fresh, everything is new again.

Pastels often scream Spring. Other colours such as yellow, purple, pink and green can also be included with the right combination of pastels.

Many flowers only appear at this time of year. For example: Lily of the Valley ( my all time favourite flower ) lilacs, genista, hyacinth, daffodils, stocks, and so many more.

Choosing Spring flowers reminds me of my childhood. I think of playing in a field of wild flowers, oh so beautiful! Bouquets generally are quite lush and hold a number of different varieties of flowers. Arrangements are more natural rather then formal in appearance.

Themes at this time of year are fun too. You can choose a simple flower like lilacs to run throughout your decor or you can choose a symbol like a butterfly and have it be on your stationary and wedding cake.

Some receptions and ceremonies are inside, some are outside. At this time of year it is probably best indoor here in Canada. The neat thing to do with your decorations is to bring the feeling of Spring indoors. Lush plants and arrangements of fresh flowers in decorative containers, fresh apple blossom branches, fabric napkins and linens in a spring print can all add to enhance your wedding day and set a stage of Spring.

We all at Special Events look forward to Spring! Enjoy Lynne