Saturday, December 29, 2012


What more can you say about an amazing year then wow!! We are just so blessed and grateful for all the beautiful weddings and events we have had the opportunity to design. This being our 25th year in business has just been absolutely crazy. Many new challenges and obstacles have been presented to us and we as a team have shone.
Our amazing team ( our precious family ) have stepped up to the plate each time. We are very proud of what we do and we strive that this is seen in our work. People often ask us how we do what we do. The long hours, continual days of no sleep and run, run, run. My reply is always we love it and most of all we love people. Years ago when Tim and I decided to buy out our family we were also struggling with the thought of going to bible school. We have always had a drive to serve people. Everything fell into place, we came up with the money and bought the business.
We have never looked back. There have been difficult times, but there have always been precious people trusting us to care for them for their cherished occasions.
We are not perfect but we put our heart and soul into everything we do. With this being the third generation of the Krete family to be designing events we look forward to the future of this talented family. Yes I am boasting about our talents, but when you are aware of God given abilities I think you should acknowledge them.
I am  going to do my best this year to blog more frequently, Lord willing.
I want to thank my amazing talented husband for all his patience and willingness to serve along side me. My daughter Amy- creative like crazy- wedding planner, accountant, makeup artist. My daughter Ellie- creative designer- artist of photography. My son Rob- degree in animation- graphic designer.
Adam-creative designer-team leader and all the others that work until they drop- Lisa, Marna, Lucas, Justin O., Justin K. and most of all our rock and compass in life The Lord Jesus.
Bring on 2013 we are pumped!!!