Friday, March 29, 2013

So Many Things To Do

               OK we have the ceremony site and the reception location pinned down. What next? This is where most couples get a little frantic, and over whelmed. Remember one thing at a time. Let's talk photographer, there are so many talented photographers out there. Beware it is true you get what you pay for.
               Pricing varies for photographers and there is a good reason why it does. There is the person who does this on the side as a hobby, there is another who has a digital camera and now thinks there a photographer and there are the serious professionals out there. I am not trying to sound that I am knocking someone who is just starting out or the one who does this as a hobby. I do understand being on a budget but if I am being honest, this is where money should be spent. A good photographer will offer a number of packages in many different price ranges. Photos are the one thing that last as a permanent reminder of your wedding day.
               We are very fortunate at Special Events to have Elisha Krete on staff. She has her own photography company- Elisha K. Photography. She does not do wedding photography, she specializes in children and promotional photography. She graduated from photography at Sheraton College and knows a thing or too about taking photos. She has taught us a few things.
                It is very important to book a photographer who gets you. One that you click with and understands your vision. It is also very important that they can produce a stunning portfolio and can also give you references from other clients.They must also be creative and have location suggestions and possible back up plans in case of rain. Although some photographers shoot alone some offer the option of having 2 shooters on site, this allows for additional moments and details to be captured. Each photographer is going to have their own packages. We suggest to ask questions such as, how many hours will they be shooting? how many pictures should we expect? how many locations will they shoot ?just to name a few.
                 Some photographers will suggest photos with the couple before the ceremony. People have mixed feelings about the bride seeing the groom before she walks down the aisle. We know that it allows a lot more time for the couple to visit with guests and get some of those pictures they wouldn't be able too. There is something spiritual about the bride walking down the aisle even after the groom has seen her. From what we've seen it doesn't effect that moment at all. But that is something you will have to decide.
                 There are so many talented photographers in our region and they each bring their own creativity to the table. They all offer so many different services. Most will look after your engagement photos as well and some do photo booths and photo op's as options at your receptions. Some even supply videographers with their packages. Here are some great ones we like to refer from Special Events.
                 1001 Tamara and Vlado
                 one 2 one
                 Anne Edgar Photography- Anne
                 Herakovic Photography- Danielle
                 Beth and Ty In Love- Beth and Ty
                 Images with Attitude- Anita

Happy Planning !!! Enjoy x o

Thursday, March 21, 2013

               In days gone by most couples exchanged marriage vows at their family church. Not so today. More couples are choosing unique locations for their cherished day. With so many options it is sometimes difficult to choose what the perfect fit is for your day.
                  A number of local banquet facilities offer on site services for your wedding day. This is very convenient for guests as once they arrive for the ceremony they are there for the duration of the wedding.
Some couples like to book Hotels that offer rooms for their guests as well. The Galt Country Club offers outdoor and indoor ceremonies, The Cambridge Mill has just built a beautiful outdoor wedding pavilion and The Pines offers indoor and outdoor ceremony options . These are just a few to mention . Most banquet halls do charge an additional fee to have your wedding on site, you will also need to hire an officiant.
                  There are many local parks that you can rent for your ceremony . Mill Race, Riverside and Victoria Park are just some that come to mind. Remember when you are doing outdoor locations that you have to hire an officiant, rent seating and consider a rain location . You do have to purchase permits for having ceremonies in city parks.

                  Another option for wedding ceremonies are the local historic spots such as Doon Pioneer Tower, Doon Heritage Museum, Mackenzie King Cottage and Ellis Chapel. Our region is full of Historic churches as well. Trinity Anglican, Knox Presbyterian, St. Clements and Central Presbyterian, and so many more. Something to remember when booking a church or historic location there are usually extra fees involved. Most churches charge an officiant and custodial fee.
                  Enjoy and happy planning
                  Lynne x o


Monday, March 11, 2013


                 One of the most important pieces for a wonderful wedding is choosing the perfect fit for your reception. Today there are many different options for wedding venues. Tents, banquet halls, home receptions, restaurants, warehouse spaces and barns, just to mention a few.
                 I think it is best to sit and figure out a budget first and to be realistic. From here figure out a guest list. Now I realize you haven't done this before so here is a good idea of cost ( this is an average ) $50- $135 per person. See where your budget fits and how your guest count will work to these numbers, this will help you decide the type of venue you can afford.
                 When choosing your venue see if the facility works for the style of wedding you are wanting to have or if the space can be adapted to work for you. A lot of venues list great information and pictures on line. This will save you a lot time not having to visit all of them. You can also call and ask questions to see if your budget fits this location.
                 Some couples have no problem renting a local banquet hall, hiring a caterer and looking after everything themselves. They would be at the lower end of the equation. Some book an at home reception
with tent and bring everything in. They would be at the middle of the equation. Others want the newest venue in town that looks after everything for them and they would be at the top of the equation.
                There are many things to consider when shopping for a location. Some of these thing are
                                  * parking
                                  * can I bring in my own wine?
                                  * corkage fees
                                  * linen if included, style and colour availability
                                  * washrooms
                                  * on site wedding coordinator?
                                  * can I have my ceremony here?
                                  * cake plating fees if you are bringing in a cake
                                  * plates, cutlery, etc. do they have it?
                                  * liquor licenses do I need to get one?
                                  * can I bring in my own alcohol?
                                  * tables and chairs are they included
                                  * rules and times for set up and take down
These are just a few things to think about. Like I said there are many options today.
                The best planned weddings are the ones that start 1-1/2 years in advance. This gives lots of time to get key vendors in place. When location shopping it is wise to take parents or others that have been through this planning process just to help guide you. Ultimately the final decision is yours. Once you have your location for your reception worked out so many other things will just fall into place.

                All the best finding that perfect location for your wedding day! As always I am just a phone call away and I do not mind giving out helpful information. Enjoy! Lynne x o