Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July, 11th 2012

May and June have come and gone. We have had so many unique events and have loved each and every one.
We are very sorry that we've fallen behind on posts. We are trying to get back on track as time permits.
This season has had it's creative charm. We've had glitz, glamour, vintage and contemporary styled weddings just to name a few. We love that each client has their own take on their wedding details.
Pinterest has opened a whole new way to explore your weddings possibilities. We too have many boards under my name, Lynne Krete. There you will find many ideas for every aspect of your wedding.
Facebook has personally taken over for me. I regularly post our work and events along with other creative inspirations. You can find all of our info, ideas and regular events posted on there.
My tip for today is to pay attention to the details and those little personal touches that make your wedding all your own. This helps in making your wedding reflect your style as a couple.

I will finish this post off with a number of pics featuring cute personal touches and details done at some of our couples weddings.

Enjoy -Lynne