Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hiring your Decor specialist

                I've been waiting to write this post. Our true area of expertise - decor and flowers. How do you choose a decorator? Here is what I think. Research, ask other brides who they used, ask your venue for their preferred vendors and check them out. Special Events and Flowers has been in business for 26 years and we have seen so many companies come and go. I am going to be honest, what we do is not easy. I always have people tell me I would love to do what you do, but until you truly experience this industry you have no idea what is involved. We LOVE what we do and whoever you hire you need to feel that after meeting with your designer.
                 I believe it is best to hire a professional, someone with longevity in the business, someone with a great reputation and a stunning showroom. We are not perfect but my goodness we give 110%. It is very important that your decorator/ florist gets your vision and is able to produce the goods. Some suggestions I would make would be to see a portfolio, see samples and have a mini set up of your vision along with a sketch provided for you before your wedding day.
                 One thing that I always hear is that vendors fail to return calls or emails in a timely fashion.
Your decorator needs to answer your questions asap. Brides sometimes are interesting characters due to stress and we have to understand the importance of answering you when asked.
                 As a designer I understand the importance of your wedding. This is a HUGE day in your life and you are trusting us as professionals to bring all your dreams together for this magical day. If you feel uncomfortable or that your desires are not coming through with a decorator they are not for you.
                 Your decor stylist should be able to take any space and make suggestions on how to transform it to meet your vision.  If we as decorators do not have something you are looking for we will research and do our very best to get it for you. A true artist has the ability to find it, make it or suggest an alternative solution.
                 Never feel pressure with any wedding vendor to book their services. If they are good and confident in what they do there is no need for these tactics. Remember this is your day, you deserve what you want and yes you are a princess!

Happy planning- Lynne x o