Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Choosing Colours

You now have your key vendors booked for your wedding, and it is time to think about dresses for you and your bridesmaids. I always think it is best to take just a few people shopping; your mom, maid of honour or just a couple members of the wedding party. It is important that everyone recognizes that this is your special day and its your choice. It is also common for bridal party members to not like what they are asked to wear, but being asked to be in someones wedding is an honour. A friend or relative needs to support the decision of the bride.
Once you have chosen your core colour ask for a swatch of fabric. Usually you will receive a few threads of fabric stapled to a business card. This is impossible to share with all of your vendors, so the solution is to head to your local paint store. Your paint store will have paint chips to match your color that you can take to the vendors who require a sample.
Now let's go back to school and learn about pairing up complimentary colours. You may remember the colour wheel from art class. There is definitely an equation when it comes to putting the right colours together.

Primary colours are red, yellow and blue:

Secondary Colours are purple, green and orange:
Tertiary colours are blue-purple, blue-green, yellow-green, yellow-orange, red-purple, red-orange:

Any of these combinations or shades of these combinations look great.

My favourites are monochromatic. An example of this is taking the colour red and adding black to the red to make it darker, or taking white to the red to make it lighter. You can do this to any colour.

Another colour grouping that works well is analogous. This is colours that run side by side on the colour wheel like; blue, blue-green, green or yellow, yellow-orange, orange.

As long as you think about the compliments of colour you will succeed. A variety of shades adds depth, interest and warmth to your wedding.

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