Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Summer Weddings Part two

Continuing on with Summer weddings. This week I wanted to talk about church ceremonies and banquet hall receptions.

A very popular look this year for church ceremonies has been the historic vintage church. They are so beautiful and have a romantic feel about them. Here in Cambridge we are blessed with quite a few. Ellis Chapel, Central Presbyterian, St. Clements Roman Catholic are just a few choices here in town. When you choose a vintage church you have to be careful in choosing your decor. You do not want to hide or take away from the charm of it, but accent it. Beautiful pews, isles, choir lofts, bell towers and organs are all features that make it worth having your ceremony in one of these vintage churches. Most churches need something on the pews. There is a huge selection of things you can do. Bows, rose balls, flower cones, small flower clusters, and candle stands.
I also think it is beautiful to have a carpet runner with petals matching your wedding colours. To finish things off I would suggest two large floral pieces or candle stands at the front of the church. Once the wedding party is standing there, everything looks picture perfect.

A helpful hint. Most florists will deliver and set up the the church. Only some will dismantle the church and move these pieces to your reception site. So make sure you have someone designated to move these items for you if needed.
This year, a popular look is the more blank slate venue for receptions. Couples are getting away from the typical banquet hall and going for a more cold, blank and modern space. Examples of this are The Tannery, The Art Gallery of Hamilton, Seagram's museum, The Canadian Clay and Art Glass Museum and so many more. Weddings have a more calm and relaxed feel. When you book a location that is simple in design, you do not have to worry about architectural flaws. This way your decor stands out and your location meshes well with the ambiance and feel you are trying to achieve for your wedding. Receptions are becoming more lounge like. Little areas are created for that cozy relaxed feel. Grouped settings of couches, loungers, chairs and tables where your guests can socialize with each other. Another trend that has been booming lately are Hor' deurves tables, food stations and candy bars in receptions. Again this creates a cozy atmosphere causing guests to mingle with one another. There is no end to what you can do with your wedding. Making your wedding a reflection of your style and personality always adds fun and memories to your special day. Until next week, enjoy.

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