Thursday, March 27, 2014

My tips for getting inspired!

Sometimes even on my best day I find it hard to get inspired creatively. The ideas just can't seem to flow and come to me quite as easily as I'd like. Given the line of work I decided to make my life I am always interested in giving myself a little boost of inspiration and a reminder of why I do what I love to do! This is what works for me! I also use these same methods in other areas of my life when I need to be inspired or motivated. 

What is the goal? Take a few (or as many as you'd like) moments to clear your mind and reflect on the task at hand. Sometimes the problem is as simple as having too much on your mind at one time. I've realized that a lot of my ideas come to me when I am in a relaxed state; after a bath, cup of tea or lounging in my favourite fuzzy slippers. Sometimes it can be so hard to put the big things in the back of your mind for a moment of peace. I know now that sometimes I have to put the big things in the back of my mind in order to take care of myself. Life will always be stuck in my head, but if I let it take up all my time I am never allowing my own thoughts and creativity to shine through. Get comfortable and clear your mind! 

Write down any previous ideas or thoughts you had. I find that I think of a lot of things when I least expect too. Keep a pen and notepad handy for those moments! I often jot things down into my iPhone notes so that I don't forget. These little notes and ideas may be exactly what saves me in a moment like this where I am drawing a complete blank. A sudden reminder of an idea I once had and poof!- my creative juices are flowing. I can recall beating myself up several times for needing an idea or item that I had previously seen or thought of but had just let it slip my mind. Months later you find that item or picture you drew to yourself and think "darn!" I could have used that for this for such and such an event. Always write down your thoughts and ideas to keep them fresh in your mind. 

Be aware of your surroundings. Sometimes inspiration can come in the strangest of circumstances! I am always keeping my eyes open for everything and anything around me. Spend less time looking and more time taking in all of the things around you. If it provokes a feeling this could be your source of inspiration. I've learned to focus less on something made of matter and more on feelings or things I feel strongly about. I can recall my friend who designs wedding gowns showing me his new designs and fabrics that he pulled from church! He started using ornate fabrics and designs inspired by the fabrics found on the hierarchy of the catholic church. I would never go to church with the hopes of finding fashion inspiration and neither did he but it ended up being exactly what he was looking. Examples like this are why I always remind myself to stop looking. Things can jump out at you absolutely anywhere and any time so stop searching for that thing and start looking at what is already all around you. Walking down the street, reading a magazine or watching TV can all provoke different ideas, thoughts and feelings which you can pull your inspiration from! 

Make a mental picture of the thought, feeling or idea you have. Once something is in your mind close your eyes and try to visualize it. Once you've pictured it in your head get a feel of what it does for you and how it makes you feel. Understand the idea fully and then make a decision about whether this is the idea you've been looking for or its something to let go of. Don't peruse that idea if it doesn't really interest you. For example, I may find inspiration while watching golf but If I have no interest in golf I am probably not going to like or feel anything for the finished product.

Make a plan. Now you need to get organized and devise a plan of how you will see your idea come through. Make a list of materials needed and the time you need to do it in order to make the idea a top priority and see it gets done. If you're anything like me, you have noticed you start a lot of projects that don't get finished. The best way for me to get something done is to make a plan and plan my time accordingly. Life has us doing a million things at once and it's important to keep organized so that we aren't forgetting anything!

These are a few things that work for me! Everyone is different and everyone has tips and tricks worth sharing. The best part about allowing yourself to be creative is the amazing things that come out of it. Let your creative juices flow and bring lots of beauty to your wedding, life and the lives of others! 


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